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Well, OK …. occasionally it does.

CCLA has adopted inclement weather guidelines that have worked well over the years.
First, all CCLA teams have a responsibility to play games as originally scheduled if at all possible.  We encourage programs to react to actual weather ... not forecasts of bad weather.  It is the responsibility of the home team to make the "go-no go" decision for any given game (it is up to the head coach or program administrator to communicate the decision to the visiting team and referees as soon as the decision is made).  The various CCLA programs may have different cancellation criteria dictated by their school district or rec league to protect fields from damage, but in general if there is standing water on the field the game will be canceled.
Some practical issues also come into play here ... on an "iffy" day, Avon Grove might be more inclined to cancel its home game with Collegeville in advance to save the opponent the long trip.  For a Great Valley at West Chester game, there's little harm in making the short trip to see if the game can be played.
Games canceled due to weather must be made up as soon as possible, otherwise there may be a backlog of games needing to be played at the end of the regular season before playoffs begin. The rescheduling process should be initiated by the home team within 24 hours of the cancellation.
When rain is accompanied by thunder and lightning, referees will direct players, coaches and fans as to the proper procedure.  At a minimum, the game will be suspended for 30 minutes. This type of delay will usually end a weekday 6:30pm game; the game would either be declared officially completed at that point by mutual agreement of the head coaches, or resumed at a later date at the point the game was interrupted.